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Week Six [10/5/08 - 10/12/08]

Hello, everyone. Feeling good this week?

Let's see what the plans are:

Academics: Expect a test from Professor Binns this week, if you're in History of Magic. Students in year four and above who attending Care of Magical Creatures are also reminded to make sure that you bring your protective gloves with you to the lessons on Thursday. In regards to last week's Prefect evaluations, all fifth year Prefects [in every house] are to hand in a written accounts of all of the detentions/punishments they've handed out since school began. Please hand in to Alice Prewett or Frank Longbottom.

Social Life: This weekend will be the second Hogsmeade weekend of the year. It is a bit close to the last one, isn't it? We've been told there will be two field trip weekends in October; this one, and one nearer to the end and closer to Halloween. All the better for third years and above, right?

Outside World: Reports claim that there has been [yet another] series of mysterious deaths this week. It seems the Ministry of Magic is still investigating, and though they're keeping tight lipped, it seems they might have a suspect in mind for all of the trouble in the last year or so. Finally, right?

Weather: It's getting colder at Hogwarts as we move further into autumn. All of the leaves on the trees are beginning to change, and the wind has much more of a bite these days. Expect calm [but cold] days until Friday, when we're supposed to be getting a heavy falling of rain. Ought to clear up by Sunday, if we're lucky. Hope it doesn't hurt the Hogsmeade weekend!


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